Singapore Airlines is one of the few five-star airlines in the world with award-winning first class products, including their newest suite. Although the airline was not awarded the best first class lounge (that award was given to Air France), Singapore Airlines does have a high-end first class and business class lounges at Changi International Airport that are about to undergo several upgrades.

Beginning in August of this year until the middle of 2021, all four of the Singapore Airlines Changi lounges will be turned into a modern wonderland that will cost about $50 million USD total in renovations.


(Image source: Hirsch Bedner Associates) 

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge is the first in line for renovations, followed by the First Class Lounge, then The Private Room, and lastly the KrisFlyer Gold lounge (which won’t see construction for another two years).

With the upgrade, passengers will be able to enjoy more space of up to 30 percent, chic decor that still feels comfortable enough to sit in or use, better cuisine and drink options, and refined spaces for working, dining and relaxing. Plus, the choice of colors—blues, creams and golds—help customers ease into a restful mood.

The Private Room, which is the most exclusive of all their lounges and open to those flying in Frist Class on Singapore Airlines, will offer semi-private areas that are designed for those who want to unwind and those who want to get work done. Singapore Airlines Changi Private Room lounge will still have the fine dining area where customers can order multi-course meals as well as à la carte menu items that are both traditional, Western and made from fresh ingredients.

Singapore Airlines new Changi lounges first class

(Image source: Hirsch Bedner Associates) 

Singapore Airlines First Class lounge at Changi international will retain its well-known and loved bar, but will also feature more space, new decor and delectable cuisine.

Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge will have four different sections including dining, working, relaxing and socializing. When it comes down to the cuisine, this lounge will not disappoint as there will be everything from snacks to full-course meals made with locally sourced ingredients used to create regional and international dishes. The Business Class lounge will also feature specialty pods for those whole need to stay busy and chaise chairs for those who need to rest.

Singapore Airlines new Changi lounges KrisFlyer Gold

(Image source: Hirsch Bedner Associates) 

The fourth lounge, called KrisFlyer Gold Lounge, is open to passengers who are flying in Economy/Premium Economy but who will have to hold a Star Alliance Gold status in order to use the facility. This Singapore Airlines lounge will be twice the size it currently is and will have a refined dining area in addition to having showers and toilets.

Singapore Airlines Changi lounges have been long overdue for a makeover, and we’re excited to see the end results. For being a luxury airline, Singapore Airlines should reflect that both in the air and on the ground.