In the past few decades, we’ve seen airplanes become more efficient by flying further, using less fuel, increasing space for passengers and luggage, and reducing overall weight. And even though we’ve come a long way, the aviation industry continues to push forward into the future to develop planes that are even better than the previous designs.

Two major companies—KLM and Delft University of Technology—came together to create a lasting aircraft in an evolving world. As a result, they came up with a concept airplane called the “Flying-V”, a new type of airplane that has never been seen before.

“Flying-V” is designed to fly extremely long flight routes while allowing it to carry cargo, about 314 travelers and fuel, yet consumes 20 percent less than the current A350. Moreover, the size may seem large but it’s actually shorter than the A350, allowing it to easily use the runway for takeoff and landing so there’s no need to reinvent runways.

Due to the unique V-shape, designers are also reinventing what the airline will be able to provide the passengers on board including more comfortable and different seating options/layouts, buffet, and dining areas that travelers can utilize (versus them having to eat at their seat).

Henri Werij, an aerospace engineering professor at the Delft University of Technology, said, “We are incredibly pleased to be able to cooperate with our trusted partner KLM on our combined mission to make aviation more sustainable. Radically new and highly energy-efficient aircraft designs such as the Flying-V are important in this respect, as are new forms of propulsion. Our ultimate aim is one of emission-free flight. Our cooperation with KLM offers a tremendous opportunity to bring about real change.”

For a closer look at the “Flying-V” jet, check out the video below, courtesy of NBC.

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