This year has been a whirlwind of a year for airlines with the world’s best business class seats. But before these seats ever make it on to an airline or even into production, design teams come together to develop a new concept that then takes and creates it into something magnificent.

This brings us to the Versa Suite, the 2019 Yacht & Aviation winner for best business class seat cabin design by Safran Seats, a global leader in aircraft passenger and crew seats. Unlike some other concepts, the Versa Suites will take the place of the Cirrus business class seat that is found on American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Finnair and others.

(Video source: YouTube / Safran Seats)

The Versa Suite is designed at an angle in a 1-2-1 layout, which gives the airline more room to install additional seats in the business class cabin. (You can’t fit as many seats that are forward-facing.) The Versa Suite features touch technology to maneuver the seat to the perfect position, turn the personal light on/off, and open/close the private door and middle divider (for those sitting in the middle section). The Versa Suite is also equipped with two long side tables to hold your drinks, laptop, tablet and more, large tray table, AC and USB outlets, removable remote for the entertainment screen, and a smaller side storage unit to hold water bottles, magazines, and headphones.

Moreover, there are three shelves by the feet area, one to hold your shoes, another to fit a small handbag, and the third one for your feet. The Versa Suite does convert into a fully-flat bed, yet there isn’t any additional space on either side of the seat like those found on some other airline business class seats. Nonetheless, the Versa Suite is a beautiful design. Although we don’t know which airline will adopt the concept for their fleet, we can’t wait to see it live. And since the Suite is customizable in design, carriers can take it a step further and offer an even better product with more features to their premium passengers.