For those of us who have flown on the A380 know that this may be the best aircraft to travel in when flying long distances due to its size and features, including luxury first class suites like those on Singapore Airlines or Etihad. However, ever since the A350 was first introduced in 2013, carriers began to replace older aircraft with the A350 for long-haul flights. And for the past 6 years, the aircraft is becoming increasingly more popular for several reasons.

Let’s take a look at these a little closer.

The A350 is designed to travel anywhere between 9 to 15 hours, burns less fuel, releases fewer emissions than other aircraft (especially the larger jets), and can accommodate anywhere between 300 to 350 passengers. Moreover, the A350 can reduce the airline’s operating costs by up to 25 percent due to the newer technological advances.

The A350 family of jets, which include the -900 and -1000, are both made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer allowing it to fly higher without affecting the pressure. In fact, the air quality in the A350 is of high-quality, allowing passengers to feel comfortable from the moment the plane takes off until it lands.

But the airlines are also not the only ones to benefit from the A350—passengers do as well. For one, the new engine by Rolls-Royce is much quieter than previous models and with a redesigned interior called Airspace by Airbus, flying inside the A350 is peaceful enough to relax and sleep. Second, the windows are larger allowing travelers to view more of the outside and for more light to shine through when needed. The A350 also features LED lighting that’s much easier on the eyes and can change with time zones to help you adjust, larger HD entertainment screens including in Economy, and more overhead space for carry-ons.

Many passengers who catch a long-haul flight on the A350 know that it’s pleasant and worth it, sometimes even better than on the Boeing 787 or 777. Do you prefer the A350 for your longer flights? Of so, which airline do you think has the best overall A350 experience?