Qantas has spent millions of dollars to refurbish their A380s, offering travelers a refined first class seat, new business class seats and even new premium economy seats in addition to new lounges located on the top floor. By the end of 2019, there will be three A380s flying and the rest will make their debut next year.

By working with Airbus, Qantas was able to utilize the aircraft to the best of its abilities effectively, in order for travelers to be able to enjoy all that the A380 has to offer them now and into the future. Following the refurbishment of the A380, Qantas plans to install their newest seats on other aircraft including the A330.

In terms of first class, the new Qantas A380 will remain the same as they were when the airline first introduced the first class seat aboard the A380 eleven years ago. With a total of 14 seats, the Qantas A380 first class seat converts into a fully flat bed measuring 79-inches long and 22-inches wide and offers plenty of room to spread out yourself and your belongings. However, it is not completely enclosed. Qantas did make a small change to first class on the new A380 by upgrading the seat cushion, installing a larger HD entertainment screen and renewing the wooden surfaces as the older ones were worn out.

In terms of business class, the new Qantas A380s have been upgraded to the same seat that’s currently available on the Dreamliner. Now, passengers sitting in business class can enjoy direct aisle access, comfortable fully-flat bed, more space to place belongings, and a much larger entertainment screen measuring 16 inches. Other additions include splitting the cabin into two—a small mini business class cabin with 20 seats at the front followed by the main business class cabin with 50 seats. For those looking for even more privacy, try booking a seat in the first five rows.

One of the final pieces redesigned on the new Qantas A380 cabin is the lounge located on the top floor that has been split up into three sections. The first area features a few tables with couch-style seating and additional benches without any tables. The second section has a couch that can seat up to three people and also has a mini-bar to the side. The third zone is the largest one, equipped with enough seating for up to 10 travelers, and a large HD entertainment screen that anyone sitting in any part of the upper deck can watch. The upper lounge area is open to both business and first class passengers.

On the previous A380, the upper deck lounge was not set up for people to socialize, unlike the ones found on Emirates or Qatar Airways where travelers can enjoy a snack and/or drink while engaging with another fellow traveler. As a result, Qantas decided that a more social setting for the onboard lounge was the best way to go, hence the new design. Now, premium passengers can truly enjoy the benefits that come with their seat, outside of their seat.

For a full tour of the redesigned interior aboard Anatas A380, preview the video below, courtesy of Points From The Pacific.