If you’re expecting rain or snow this winter season, it’s important to make sure you’re bundled up in the perfect winter jacket. But making sure you have the right boot on, is also important to staying comfortable, warm and dry so that you don’t catch a cold. Although there are so many boots to choose from, we’ve selected our top favorites for their durability, style, multiuse and comfort.

Sorel Caribou Winter Boots

Sorel is known to make great footwear, especially for the winter. One of our top picks is the Caribou Winter Boots, available for men and women. The boots have four-layer thermal insulation that can keep your feet warm up to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which can also be removed for easy drying. The outer leather is waterproof and the bottom of the boots are rubber with plenty of traction for ice and snow.

Price: $160 from REI; click here for men and here for women

Kodiak Marcia Arctic Grip Winter Boot

The Kodiak Marcia Arctic Grip Winter Boot is made for women, featuring waterproof leather material and wool top to shield snow from entering the boot. The soles have incredible traction against extreme conditions, so you can rest assured your safety is a top priority for this boot, nonetheless, they are lightweight and breathable thanks to the wool and polyester lining. The insole is also removable and lined with wool for comfort and temperature control. The Kodiak Marcia Arctic Grip is perfect for places where the temperature can drop as low as negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Price: $190 from Kodiak

Kodiak Rhode II Arctic Grip Winter Boot

The Kodiak Rhode II Arctic Grip Winter Boot is designed for men, featuring a stylish look that comes in brown or black. The boot’s leather exterior is waterproof and has a specially coated shield to protect it from stains. The soles have an Arctic Grip™ to prevent any slipping on ice, and the interior has comfortable insulation to keep your feet warm up to negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the insole can be easily removed and engineered to absorb shock as you walk.

Price: $170 from Kodiak

Timberland 6-inch Premium Waterproof Boots

Timberland’s traditional boot never goes out of style and continues to be the best-seller. These waterproof boots are more than that, they are extremely durable, offer all-day comfort and the same synthetic microfiber thermal insulation material that was created for the U.S. Army. These boots have an additional layer of support and the base is made from 10 percent recycled materials. Plus, you can design your own to suit your style or choose from one of the 6 colors.

Price: $198 from Timberland

Timberland Jayne Waterproof Fleece Fold-down Boots

The female Timberland boot designed for the winter is the Jayne Fold-down, offering a waterproof outer leather material with an internal fleece lining to keep your feet warm in the cold. The outer sole is rubber and has a great grip, whereas the inside is molded for superior comfort. These Timberlands for women can also be worn with the top worn upwards or folded-down—perfect from going through heavy snow to running around town.

Price: $160 from Timberland