Singapore Airlines has wowed the world with its newest first class suite available on the A380, and even if you’re not on Airbus’ largest commercial airline, first class on the Boeing 777 is also worthy of a ride.

Similar to first class, those flying in business class on the Boeing 777-300ER can also expect a similar experience given that many of the Boeing 777-300ER flights have been updated with a “new” seat in a 1-2-1 configuration—a similar one found on their A350s.

Unlike the brand new business class seats featured on the A380 with a double bed for those sitting in the middle section, Singapore Airlines’ business class seat on the Boeing 777-300ER does offer a lot of space: 28 inches in width and 78 inches in length when converted into a fully-flat bed. Aside from laying down and sitting upright, this seat also has two positions Singapore Airlines introduced known as the “Lazy Z”, which evenly supports and distributes your body while sitting, and the “Sundeck”, which raises the foot of the seat enough for you to reach the ottoman. Unlike most ottomans, this one extends to the sides, creating additional space to place your personal items on top and underneath, all within arms reach.

The Boeing 777-300ER Singapore Airlines business class seat features stitched, comfortable grey leather yet the overall cabin colors of grey, brown and gold are a little dull. Each seat is equipped with personal reading lights (yes, there’s more than one), an 18-inch HD entertainment screen with a separate remote, USB and AC sockets, two small enclosed storage spaces by the armrest and one open storage area next to the headrest for your tablet, small handbag, etc. If you’re sitting in the middle row, you’ll notice there are no overhead storage bins (your carry-on has to be placed in the bins above the window seats), making the cabin feel more open and much larger.

Although business class passengers are offered services such as “Book the Cook”, where you can pre-order your meal 24 hours before the flight, you are not provided with either pajamas or a standard amenity kit. Instead, you’re given a small bag containing The Laundress products including a fabric anti-wrinkle remover, fabric deodorizer, hand sanitizer and a round cloth/scrub. Additionally, each business class passenger receives slippers, eye mask and socks. If you need to brush your teeth, wash your face, lather your hands with lotion or spritz some perfume/cologne, then head to the lavatories—they are equipped with everything you’ll need to stay refreshed throughout the flight. You’ll also be given another large pillow (two total) and a comfortable duvet whenever you’re ready to lay down to rest or sleep.

The only odd part about the Singapore Airlines business class seat on the Boeing 777-300ER is the actual sleeping position. Although the seats face forward, the seat’s lie-flat position is actually diagonal. You’ll have plenty of room to stretch out but it’s a strange position for a seat that’s forward-facing. Regardless, we recommend you ask for the turndown service in order to sleep properly as the seat can be tricky to adjust to a fully-flat position.

The Boeing 777-300ER has a total of 48 business class seats in the four-class cabin version and 42 in the three-class cabin version. Regardless of which aircraft version you’re sitting in, both aircraft have separated the business class with a mini-cabin of 16 seats separated by the lavatory and galley, followed by the main business class cabin. If you’re looking for more privacy, we recommend the first 4 rows.

Ready for a full tour of the Singapore Airlines business class seat? Check out the video below, courtesy of Traveller Passport.