Emirates is known to have some amazing onboard lounges on their A380s, featuring large seat areas and a bar plus bartender, where you can not only order drinks but can also indulge in snacks while traveling from one destination to another. Although the A380 is one of the largest jets that can support a sizeable onboard lounge, the airline has announced it will equip its upcoming A350s and Boeing 787s with onboard lounges as well, premiering on flights in three years.

Emirates’ onboard lounge for these two aircraft will not be as large as the ones found on the A380, however, there will be plenty of room to move around, relax and hang out with fellow travelers, comfortably. And for those who have experienced the lounge on the Boeing 777-200LR can expect a step up on the upcoming ones on the A350s and Boeing 787s.

Emirates understands the importance of onboard lounges for their premium customers, noting that it’s become a part of who they are, and with the A380 slowly fading away, the airline wants to continue to offer this social space on other aircraft. Since the A350 and the Boeing 777 doesn’t offer first class, the onboard lounge will be accessible to business class passengers only.

The A350 and the Boeing 777 don’t have two levels, limiting the overall space of the Emirates onboard lounge. It will be much smaller than the A380, in a different location and an enriched version of the one on the current Boeing 777-200LRs. Travelers can also expect the Emirates onboard lounge to be without a full-fledge bar and situated where noise levels will be minimal and not distracting to others.

Additional information has not yet been revealed, but make sure to tune in to see what the new Emirates onboard lounge on the A350 and Boeing 777-200LR will look like in the coming months.