Last month, Finnair opened up its brand new non-Schengen lounge in Helsinki for business class passengers. Similar to the Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge, this new space is clean, minimalistic, comfortable yet elegant in every way.  The airline has taken Nordic elements of clean and natural and integrated it across their seats and their lounges.

Thanks to the expansion, the new Finnair non-Schengen lounge can hold up to 200 passengers, allowing the airline to accommodate the ever-growing traffic of Finnair business class travelers. From a bar and relaxation spots to upgraded meal and drink options, here’s a look at what you can expect inside the new lounge.

Finnair non-Schengen lounge Bar

(Image source: Finnair)

One of the most open spaces in the new Finnair non-Schengen lounge is the bar area, featuring extra-large sofas that can fit a handful of guests at a time, an open bar in the middle stacked with your favorite liquors, bubbly drinks and non-alcoholic options. There are also small, semi-enclosed work sections for those who need a little more privacy.

Finnair non-Schengen lounge Seating Area

(Image source: Finnair)

Behind the bar is another relaxation zone with modern seats and loungers. Finnair says that the further you go into the lounge, “the quieter and more private it becomes”. And regardless of where you end up, there are AC sockets everywhere. There are even phone booths that are soundproof and a place to print documents.

Finnair non-Schengen lounge Dining Area

(Image source: Finnair)

Similar to the bar area, the dining space is also very open with minimal colors, offering you both booth, regular and bar-like seating with long tables and individual ones.

As for the menu, you can enjoy devouring local and seasonal Finnish cuisine prepared in an open kitchen. The menu changes frequently and can include fish, meat, salad, vegetarian selections and many desserts for all those who have a sweet tooth.

Finnair non-Schengen lounge Bathroom

(Image source: Finnair)

The new Finnair non-Schengen lounge is also equipped with showers that can be reserved via a touchscreen platform.

For those traveling with children have the option to utilize the family area stocked with games and activities to keep the little ones occupied. Overall, it’s a pleasant and inviting lounge to relax before or between flights.

The new Finnair non-Schengen lounge is open every day from 5:30 am to 12 am to those flying in business class on Finnair, members of Finnair Plus Gold and oneworld Sapphire members for flights departing the non-Schengen area.