Late last year, Air France unveiled its newest business class seat on the A350. Just recently, the airline revealed an almost identical business class seat for the Boeing 777-300, which will fly to Mauritius in Africa and Carribean countries such as Havana, Cancun, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. The first flight took off mid-January from Paris to Guadeloupe and to Martinique.

The Boeing 777-300 features a total of fourteen seats in business class in a forward-facing and angled 1-2-1 configuration, with every other row next to the window alternating from being closer to the aisle to being positioned closer to the window. For the utmost privacy as a solo traveler, the seats located against the window is your best option.

The Air France Boeing 777 business class cabin has been decorated with the airline’s signature colors of blue and grey mixed in with white and once again, splashes of gold and almost no red. Neutral colors help set the tone for relaxing and easing into sleep, combine that with mood lighting and a “do not disturb” button, you’re bound to wake up refreshed. Those who do like to catch some zzz’s while flying can stretch out by converting the seat into a fully-flat bed measuring 78.7 inches long and 22.4 inches wide.

Air France Boeing 777 business class seat

(Image source: Air France)

Each Air France Boeing 777 business class features an 18.5-inch HD entertainment screen, an adjustable screen divider for those sitting in the middle section, personal reading light, large cubby on the side with a built-in mirror where you can fit a small handbag or loose items (it’s also where the noise-canceling headphones are stored), large tray table, large side table, AC and two USB ports and small open storage space underneath the ottoman in front of you.

As for the amenities, business class passengers receive a luxurious duvet that feels silky to the touch, large pillow, and a suede and leather Clarin’s Amenity Kit containing Clarin’s moisturizing body cream, Clarin’s hand cream, pen, earplugs, toothpaste and toothbrush, dental floss, comb, and eye mask.

The business class seats on Air France Boeing 777 have been due for an upgrade, and although they are not world-class they are decent and comfortable enough (adding in the service, food and amenities) for an enjoyable flight.