STELIA Aerospace, an aircraft seat manufacturer, and Pininfarina, an Italian car design firm, came together to create a new type of first class suite concept called SOFA.

Designed for traveling ultra-long distances, the SOFA first class concept offers premium passengers a completely new type of traveling experience by combining their needs, habits and expectations.

SOFA first class concept

(Image: STELIA Aerospace / Source: Crystal Cabin Award)

The SOFA first class concept offers a one-of-a-kind private suite featuring a primary seat and an extended couch for socializing and dining while allowing the freedom of moveability. The main seat used for takeoff and landing can lie fully-flat and merge with the couch to create a large bed for sleeping and relaxing.

SOFA first class seat concept

(Image: STELIA Aerospace / Source: Crystal Cabin Award)

The SOFA first class concept also has a large flat screen tv with the possibility of touchscreen technology, an extra-large tray table that pops out from the armrest, extensive storage space underneath the couch and seat to store personal belongings, and a single touch-screen system to control the entertainment screen, seat positions, lighting, privacy door and other features around the suite.

The SOFA first class suite was revealed at the Crytal Cabin Awards, and although it was not a finalist, it was part of the 2020 Shortlist.

From the colors and comfort to fine details and extra space, the SOFA first class concept is unique and not completely too far out to become a reality. Would you fly in this suite?