The world is full of interesting places to explore—be it the most touristy ones of them all or hidden gems that only locals know about. But out of 600 major cities (with populations over 1 million), do you know which ones tourists visit the most?

According to Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index, which analyses the tourism market and trends, it revealed Bangkok, Thailand as the most visited city in the world with an average of 22.78 million visitors. This city is known for its street food markets like Wang Lang Market and Soi Rambuttri, shops along Khaosan Road and sites including The Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Arun Ratchavararam. If you have yet to explore this destination, we recommend you go late November and early December when it’s dry, the weather is forgiving and right before the holiday season (when things can get pretty crazy, especially for New Year’s).

The second most-visited city (not surprisingly), is Paris, France. The city of love welcomes about 19.10 million visitors in a year, and although Notre Dame is closed for a few years due to reconstruction from fires, Paris if full of other sites to explore for first-timers such as the Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge, the Catacombs, the Latin Corner, shops along Champs-Élysées and so much more. Our favorite time to go to Paris is in the fall when the tourist season has died down, right before the weather gets too cold.

The third most-visited city is London, England, which welcomes around 19.09 million visitors a year. London has a ton of sites to explore such as the London Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace. There are also countless museums, underground attractions like the Foot Tunnels, Chislehurst Caves and the vaults under Waterloo Station. However long you spend in London, you’ll always find something to see. The best time to go to London to avoid the crowds is from March through May when the weather is warming up and everything is blooming.

The fourth most-visited city is Dubai, UAE. This Middle Eastern city sees about 15.93 million tourists a year, who are there for both business, pleasure or both, and for the people who do come to explore Dubai can go to the top of Burj Khalifa, go on an outdoor safari and ride camels and ATVs, ski indoors inside a shopping mall at Ski Dubai or shop their hearts out at Mall of Emirates. And for travelers who are up for a bit of a ride can rent a car and drive to Abu Dhabi and see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Dubai is very hot, and to avoid extreme heat, we recommend going anytime from November through March.

The fifth most-visited city is Singapore, which welcomes 14.67 million tourists a year. Singapore is an extremely green city and tourists can enjoy swimming at the Marina Bay Sands, exploring the Gardens by the Bay, strolling through the Botanic Gardens, going on a food tasting tour and shopping at Marina Square. Singapore is breathtaking and whatever you decide to do, you will feel like you’re in a green haven. The best time to visit Singapore is February through April when the weather is dry.

Following the top five cities are Kuala Lumpur at number six, New York at number seven, Istanbul at nimber eight, Tokyo at number nine and Analya at number ten. Out of all these top ten cities, how many have you been to, and which one is your favorite?

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