For many years, the Netherlands continues to be part of the top ten list of the happiest countries in the world. And with the overall environment playing a role in this happiness, it’s no wonder that the Netherlands is also one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in northwestern Europe, especially in the springtime.

Known for their gorgeous tulip fields, there are many places in the Netherlands where you can see and enjoy these flowers in full bloom, both in Amsterdam and a bit further away. The best time to see them bloom is from the end of March through April and sometimes up until the very beginning of May. If you’ve never seen or been to one of these tulip fields or are looking for other places to see them in full bloom, here are our top picks we know you’ll love.


The most well-known tulip field to visit in the Netherlands is in Lisse, about 1.5 hours from Amsterdam, where the Keukenhof Gardens are located. There are more than 7 million tulips and hundreds of varieties of them. The fields have been well decorated and placed in unique combinations of patterns and colors that are breathtakingly beautiful. There are a few cafes, restaurants and shops nearby for you to check out and relax in after exploring these tulip fields. There’s an entrance fee of about 17 Euros, and you can get to the gardens via a bus from Amsterdam Airport or by renting a car. Once you arrive, we recommend renting a bike and exploring the surrounding area, the Dutch way! You can also book a helicopter tour (available for a limited time in April) to see the Keukenhof Gardens from above.


Another place where you can see the tulip fields is in the Noordoostpolder district, about 1 hour away from Amsterdam. You’ll be able to see these tulips on a “Tulip Route” spreading across 62 miles, which you can tour via foot, bike or car, but you cannot walk in the fields or pick the flowers. There are cafes to grab a bite to eat or ice-cream cone, or farms and windmills along the route for you to stop by and take photos of. This route has been featured in the National Geographic for being one of the most scenic routes to see in the world.

Noordwijk and Haarlem

Aside from the fields, there are several tulip events you can also check out. One of these is the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek, one of the largest flower parades in the world that travels from the city of Noordwijk to the city of Haarlem (totaling 26 miles) at the end of April. There are tonnes of floats that are decorated with tulips, Hyacinths and daffodils, and put together to look like dragons, animals, people, musical instruments and other figurines. You can either grab a spot somewhere along the path of the parade or purchase a ticket to sit on a bleacher for even better views. The 2020 parade is held on the 25th of April.


Amsterdam has its own tulip event you can attend if you’re in the city in April. Amsterdam decorates various places around the city with tulips—from the roads and sidewalks to the canals. The best way to explore them is via a bike, which you can take to Museum Van Loon, Rijksmuseum, Hermitage Amsterdam among other places where the tulips are being featured. You can also stop along the way and have lunch ora cup of coffee before heading to the next location. Although there are no fields of tulips in Amsterdam, the scenery in the city is still beautiful and well worth a day of exploration.

As a reminder, if you do end up checking out one of the tulip fields, note that you can’t walk into every field. We always recommend you ask permission or research ahead of time (if there’s no one nearby). These flower fields can easily be ruined by bikes and footsteps.

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