Although we cannot travel the world at the moment, we can still be inspired by everything it has to offer regardless of where we are right now. Thanks to social platforms such as Instagram, we can marvel at beautiful destinations without having to leave the couch or bed. So for those who love to travel but can’t do so for the time being (don’t worry, we’ll get to soon), here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow right now.


paulodelvalle Instagram

Paulo is from Brazil, but this Instagram star is a phenomenal photographer traveling all over the world. He captures beautiful landscapes and structures from all over the world, showing us places we may have never seen before.

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danielkordan Instagram

Daniel specializes in the natural outdoors that many don’t flock to. His posts are majestic and almost look unreal. If you’re seeking an escape from typical travel photos, this Instagram account is it.

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taramilktea Instagram

This Sydney native knows her angles, but more than that, she takes extraordinary photos from all parts of the world that will make you wish you were there, now. Her account is so vibrant, your phone will be bursting with colors from all sides of the spectrum.

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heartmybackpack Instagram

After visiting 80 countries, this Instagramer is now settled in Norway. For inspiring photos of this beautiful country and all that it has to offer from the east to the west and north to the south, follow Silvia Lawrence’s Instagram handle, heartmybackpack.


muradosmann Instagram

You may or may not have heard of the #followmeto hashtag, but if you have, Murad Osmann was the one who started the trend. His Instagram is all about his wife leading him to new locations, and he follows. His photography is jaw-droppingly beautiful, romantic and so inspiring.

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chelseakauai Instagram

This nature-lover will make you want to hit an outdoor adventure asap. Thanks to her high-spirit and adrenaline, Chelsea has become a favorite when it comes to seeing how much fun we can have swimming underwater, hiking up mountains and so more.

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Gloria Atanmo Instagram

Gloria Atanmo is one heck of a fun lady with lots of energy and a love for all things travel. She’s been featured on Oprah, BBC and Forbes, helps empower women and teaches them about earning income. She’s not your typical Instagram star full of glitz and glamour—her posts are about living life and embracing a destination exactly as it is.

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