Podcasts are a great way to discover more about the world, learn from past experiences and be inspired to do and see things we may not have thought of at first. While we hunker down for the time being and read an interesting book, go outdoors for fresh air and watch some phenomenal virtual world experiences, we can also turn to podcasts to help keep our spirits high.

If you’re in the mood to grab your headphones and listen to inspiring stories, here are some of our favorite travel podcasts we are tuning into right now.

The Trail Less Traveled

The Trail Less Traveled podcast is one of our top picks. Madela van Eeden, the podcast’s host and South African resident, started traveling from a young age with her parents, inspiring her to keep on discovering parts of the world that tends to be less traveled. In her podcasts, Madela interviews all kinds of travelers who offer their perception of the highs and lows of the world. Through their stories, you learn about the wild, different cultures, courage and additional ways to live and survive.

Listen to the podcast here.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

The Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast, hosted by Shelby Stanger, centers around the idea of going above and beyond, facing fears and unearthing new adventures. In her podcasts you can learn about gender equality in sports, what to cook while camping, the problem of plastic pollution, the power of food, climbing El Capitan without ropes and so much more. Everyone who tells their story on the Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast has taken a “risk and created a life around doing what they love”.

Listen to the podcast here.

Amateur Traveler

The Amateur Traveler podcast is everything but amateur—it’s award-winning. Chris Christensen, the host of the podcast, talks about the best places to jet off to and the best things to do there. Whether you’re going to Namibia, Bulgaria, Northern Pakistan, India or the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chris has you covered.

Listen to the podcast here.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

The JUMP with Traveling Jackie (previously called The Budget-Minded Traveler) podcast is the perfect resource for those who have a certain amount of funds set aside to spend while heading to one or more destinations. You don’t have to be wealthy to have a memorable experience, and the interviewees on the podcast have some incredible tips on what to do, perks of solo travel, how to save money for a dream trip, what to pack, and the list goes on.

Listen to the podcast here.

Global Travel Channel

The Global Travel Channel podcast is a newer podcast but it’s still a favorite on our list. The host, Mark Philpott, offers insight on what it’s like to travel with children, a significant other, with explorers, while ill, as a vegan and so much more. Mark isn’t the only speaker, he has a variety of guests from all over the world on his show with some impressive credentials.

Listen to the podcast here.