Virtual travel has become increasingly popular over the past few weeks, and more and more companies in the travel industry are giving us a chance to see destinations we dream about but can’t currently be in. It’s not permanent, but we will be able to see these gorgeous places in the near future.

Although there are thousands of videos to watch, we’ve chosen the top three from each continent for you to enjoy from home.

North America

St. Lucia

Interact with this video as you move through the various sites in one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia.

(Video source: Condé Nast Traveler / YouTube)


Soar through some of the most beautiful parts of Canada where nature seems endless.

(Video source: Man And Drone / YouTube)


Wind through the caves and over the water in Arizona with this travel video.

(Video source: Around the World 4k / YouTube)

South America


Soar over the Amazonian jungle with this beautiful footage you may not be able to see in real life.

(Video source: Joshua Turner / YouTube)


Explore Machu Picchu as if you were really there with this travel video.

(Video source: devinsupertramp / YouTube)


From the north to the south, from the city to the jungle, this travel video has exactly what we need to see all the magnificence of Brazil.

(Video source: One Man Wolf Pack / YouTube)



Explore this enchanting country that’s so much more than just a dessert.

(Video source: Jacob + Katie Schwarz / YouTube)

Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Zambia

This all-in-one travel video takes us through different countries in Africa and took three years to film.

(Video source: Rhino Africa Safaris / YouTube)


By watching this video you’ll feel like you’re right there walking and seeing the ancient wonders in Egypt.

(Video source: WH Films / YouTube)



This country may not be on top of everyone’s bucket list, but after watching the travel video below, you may rethink adding it to your go-to destinations.

(Video source: Jacob + Katie Schwarz / YouTube)


Discover the cities of Switzerland and the beautiful outdoors with this incredible travel video that will make you want to be there right now.

(Video source: Jeff Amador / YouTube)


If you’ve ever thought of Romania as a destination to visit, this footage may convince you to take that leap and explore the gorgeous country.

(Video source: EscapeAway / YouTube)



Fly over the Great Wall of China and the nearby sections, perfect for those who have never been.

(Video source: sawyerhartman / YouTube)


There’s more to India than the Taj Mahal and busy streets. In fact, India is breathtaking outside of the cities, and here’s a video that proves it.

(Video source: Soul and Fuel / YouTube)


From the cities to the tropical forests, this travel video of Vietnam captures the country in the perfect way.


(Video source: One Man Wolf Pack / YouTube)


New Zealand

The timelapse shown in this video of New Zealand is incredible and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this one’s for you.

(Video source: Timestorm Films / YouTube)


First-time goers to Australia tend to pass on Tazmania, but after watching this, we hope you’re reconsider adding it to your go-to destinations in the future.

(Video source: Shaney Shoots / YouTube)


This travel video takes you to Airlie Beach, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tangalooma Island and Sydney. Sit back and enjoy this fantastic yet short video capture of Australia’s best spots.

(Video source: Richard Jancovic / YouTube)


Since much of Antarctica is uninhabited, we’ve selected one of our favorite videos of the place many will only be able to see digitally.

(Video source: Tom Dreams Big / YouTube)