One amazing feat about technology nowadays is the ability for us to see and connect to places that we thought were unreachable. But outside of the virtual destinations we are seeing so much of today, we are now able to take it even further and stand on the surface of another planet. We the Curious teamed up with astrophysicists to create a scientifically accurate, VR tour of 6 exoplanets. You can even take it to the next level and find out what it might be like to explore these worlds by watching this video.

Strap on a VR headset, surf the giant waves of Kepler-62e, and gaze across the lava fields of 55 Cancri e.

We the Curious is “an idea and a place for everyone”. The company is all about “asking questions, being playful and testing things out. An educational charity that removes boundaries around science—connecting art, people, everything, in a united culture of curiosity.”

Take a virtual tour of an exoplanet below, provided by We the Curious.