A blast from the past: old airline commercials we love

Best airline commercials

Have you ever taken a walk down memory lane and watched those old airline commercials that just make you think “what year was this”? If you haven’t, now you can.

These videos are a special part of aviation history. It’s like stepping into a time machine, especially when we see the first commercials advertising flights on the twin-engine Curtiss Condor airplanes. Fast forward to the DC-10’s that once had a lounge in coach (yes, coach!), and some more recognizable ones that promise to get you to Mars by tomorrow (ok, maybe not Mars yet, but maybe soon?).


Doing it right: proper etiquette when flying business class

Business class etiquette tips

(Disclaimer: please do not take this too seriously, we’re just having fun! 😉 Happy reading!)

Have you ever flown business class and find yourself watching others and their behavior? We’ve definitely seen the occasional person who looks like they just got out of bed. There are also the rookies who find themselves a bit lost with what to do or how to act in this luxurious setting. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be one of them! If you’re ever in doubt with what to do, here are some pointers we think may help. Some are a bit obvious, but you would be surprised!


Stunning airports around the world

Stunning airports around the world

We love traveling, we really do. The feeling when you get on an airplane, take off, and then land at your destination can be eventful if you love to fly, but the best part of traveling is being in a place away from home—seeing new cities, experiencing new events, and immersing in cultures. But of course, we cannot forget the airports. The airports we depart from, the ones we transition in, and the ones that we land at. Airports, just like cities, can be exciting to get lost in before and after a flight.


Welcome the new business class seat designs for 2016

Business class seat designs for 2016

Every year, airlines are rolling out new business class seat designs on their new fleet of jets. Some are quite exciting, and some are, well, not so exciting. However, Cathay Pacific, Qatar, and Emirates are coming out with some amazing features passengers in business class can look forward to this year. Expect to have more space, more privacy, fully-flat beds, a minibar and much more.


World’s Best Airport Lounges: Emirates, Air France, and SWISS Airlines

Best airline lounges in the world

Most airport lounges have similar amenities, and some can be a bit dull or way overdue for an upgrade. But that’s not the case with some top-rated airlines including Emirates, Air France and SWISS. These airlines have one of the world’s best airport lounges that provide you with top-of-the-line luxury experience that may make you miss your flight! Their modern look and feel, combined with excellent services, are what makes them the best. Let’s take a look at what you can experience at each one (and maybe some of you reading this already have).


Best interior airline conceptual designs of the future

best interior airplane conceptual designs

There’s so much to look forward to this century, especially in the airline industry. With new technology being invented every day, we find ourselves surrounded by eye-catching and jaw-dropping airline concepts that come to life. The years ahead look quite exciting with the possibilities of interactive screens, windowless planes and even sleeping pods!

We’ve searched high and low for those kinds of features, and discovered the best interior airline conceptual designs that will blow you away. They will leave you wondering, “how fast and when”?


The A380 business class experience on Qatar, Emirates and Qantas

A380 business class experience

Not all business class seats are created equal. Some are designed for those who want to work, while others are designed for sleep, or for a family traveling together. Whatever the purpose may be, the A380 business class seats on Qatar, Emirates and Qantas are definitely an experience on their own. They offer something for every type of traveler—a vacation within a vacation! Would you agree? Let’s take a look at what you can expect when aboard these three airlines in business class.


Maximize your dollar while you travel the world in comfort for less

Where to maximize your dollar

Maximize your dollar while you travel the world in comfort for less! Yes, that’s right. It’s time to pack your bags and go on an international getaway because the dollar is stronger now, more than it’s been in years.

Since 2014, the U.S. Dollar has “appreciated by more than 10% against the British Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Brazilian Real” and more. According to the Consumer Airfare Index, you can expect to see tickets prices drop by 12 percent during peak travel months. Sounds great, no? We definitely think so. So, where do you go to maximize your dollar, and still travel the world in comfort for less? Thanks to Hopper’s analysis, we’ve put together the chart below that shows you currency declines (Spring 2016 versus Spring 2014), and average round-trip airfare prices versus our consolidator rates for business class seats.


Turkish Airlines: from 15 years ago to now

turkish airlines history

When we think of Turkish Airlines, we might not always associate the airline as being one of the best, but little do you know, the company has come a long way.

15 years ago it the airline had poor customer service, old planes and a safety record that was not on par. Basically, it’s what you flew if you had no other option. However, much has changed. The airline now has a brand new fleet of planes, flies to over 284 destinations, has a net profit of over $1.69 billion (highest recorded as of March 2016), and flies 48 million people.